5 top tips for engaging with guests on Twitter this Xmas

Don’t forget about Twitter during the festive season. It’s a crucial time when people will be posting online, so make sure you engage with them with these five top tips.  

• Keep it light all day long – at this time of year people want to feel happy, so it’s vital you stick to frivolous festive Tweets all the time. Don’t be tempted to dip out of the merriment on a Monday afternoon, people need festive spirit all the time.

• Don’t sell too hard – adverts are the place for the hard sell. Twitter is for promotion and raising awareness, people do not want to be bombarded with companies trying to sell their wares here. Highlight what you have on offer but don’t sell.

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• Engage – if someone tweets you, or engages with you send them a happy holiday response. Create a post card with subtle branding that can be posted on people’s own profile. Importantly you must be having conversations; social media is after all a place to be social.

• Remember all your customers may not be celebrating Christmas – don’t alienate those people who won’t be tucking into Turkey on December 25th, send some Tweets for them too!

• Post lots of festive images – whether it’s a snap of a flaming Christmas pudding or a Hanukkah menorah fully lit up people love images. Make the most of your tree, and if you’re doing anything different, like homemade Christmas tree decorations then promote these via fab images on Twitter.



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