Added hotel extras make biggest impression on guests

A new survey has found that added extras provided by hotels make the biggest impression on customer satisfaction.

The research, conducted by Polo, found that almost 70% of consumer feel more values when given unexpected ‘freebies’ in hotels, while 65% of those questioned said they would be more likely to share positive feedback as a result.

Also revealed in the survey, just under 1 in 5 people would be more likely to tip when offered complimentary mints at the end of a meal in a restaurant.

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Remembering people’s names, being flexible and not being rushed were also cited as key reasons that encouraged customers to tip.

“Providing that little extra clearly goes a long way in leaving a positive lasting impression on both hotel guests and diners,” said Anu Christie-David, Nestlé Professional sweet food category manager.

“Complimentary treats are a big opportunity to reassure consumers on the quality of their experience and play a subtle, but important, role in encouraging them to leave positive reviews.”



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