Brits tight to tip but women more likely to, says poll

Almost two thirds of tight-fisted Brits are unwilling to loosen their purse strings when it comes to tipping – a new survey has shown.

The poll by money saving site found that 65% of consumers felt reluctant to pay a service charge, regardless of the quality of service received.

Women were revealed to be more generous tippers than men, with many telling researchers they felt empathy for low restaurant staff wages.

Of almost two thirds of women questioned, 65% stated they would offer a fair and appropriate tip compared to just 35% of men.

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The majority of consumers felt the 10% rule was adequate, with only 12% of those polled willing to tip more.

Many of those asked were oblivious to the custom of tipping 10% of the total bill, with 16% of respondents guessing each time.

Despite this confusion, 57% said they still felt annoyed when a service charge was automatically added to their bill.

One woman said, “I used to work as a waitress and living on minimum wage was almost impossible.

“I know how important the extra income from tips can be so I always try to tip when I can.”

Over half of those quizzed confessed to using tipping as a way of getting rid of unwanted change and 98% were unanimously against tipping for a drink at a bar.

One man said: “I don’t see why I should have to tip. Snooty waiters and rubbish service don’t deserve any extra credit anymore than I do in my job where I work twice as hard.

“There is a huge amount of peer pressure to tip and along with the judgement of being a cheapskate if you don’t.”

A spokesperson from sasy the results revealed just how many Brits can no longer afford luxuries due to the recession.

He said: “What is particularly striking is that the majority of the people we polled resented paying a tip yet knew very little of what tips were required of them in terms of standard etiquette.

“The research also found that many consumers are unclear what they want when it comes to tipping, stating that they didn’t appreciate having a service charge added to their bill yet were not confident of calculating a fair tip on their own.”



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