Celebrate your hardworking housekeepers

The Boutique Hotelier Personal Service Star Awards want to reward and recognise staff worth their salt who work tirelessly every day at establishments all over the country, and we are calling for you to nominate your housekeeping managers for an accolade.

Nothing will come under greater scrutiny in your hotel than its level of cleanliness. A speck of dust, a smeary window pane or a dull bath; it will all be noticed by guests who won’t hesitate to take to the internet to push their opinions global.

It comes down to the hard work and dedication of your housekeeping managers to make sure the sky-high levels of cleanliness expected by guests are upheld for each and every one.

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Being a housekeeper is often a job that does without praise or recognition, that’s why we have created a category to reward these outstanding individuals at the Boutique Hotelier Personal Service Star Awards.

We want to award the best housekeeping managers working in hotels around the country – from five-star city boutiques to country house manors; we want to hear from you.

We are calling for owners, managers and people of the hospitality industry to nominate these individuals for the Housekeeping Manager of the Year award, sponsored by Mitre Linen, which will culminate in the winners being announced at the awards ceremony on October 20th.

It doesn’t matter how long they have been employed or how many people they manage, the awards are open to all.

Managing director of Mitre Linen, Stephen Broadhurst says: “Every hotel strives to impress their guests to ensure they deliver unsurpassed levels of service and memorable guest experience. None of this is possible without the constant hard work, teamwork and determination of the housekeeping staff. These men and women can only be described as ‘unsung heroes’ with their ability to multi-task, taking on each and every task with enthusiasm in the pursuit of perfection. Their grasp of the wider operation is staggering, adding untold value to their respective hotels and apartments.”


To qualify for a nomination, all you have to do a fill out the nomination form here and send it back to the BH team.

Once the nominations have closed on September 25th, the nominees with the most votes will go into a shortlist, before the BH team decide on the final winners to be announced in October.

Housekeeping Manager of the Year is just one of 10 awards we are handing out to staff members at the second Boutique Hotelier Personal Service Star Awards ceremony, held at Hilton Olympia on October 20th.

Click here to nominate your Housekeeping Manager and others for a Boutique Hotelier Personal Service Star Award.




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