Cleanliness is integral to how women judge a restaurant

64% of women in the UK would advise their friends not to visit a restaurant where they experienced poor cleanliness and hygiene.

This is according to new research from Tork, who uncovered the results after conducting surveys across Europe to determine the most important aspects of a restaurant experience in the eyes of the consumer.

The results found that all women would advise friends not to visit a restaurant where they had experienced poor cleanliness and hygiene in the dining area, with 64% stating that this was ‘very important’ to how they judged their overall experience.

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Seven out of 10 UK respondents across men and women admitted to having advised a friend not to visit a restaurant and more than half admitted to doing so occasionally.

When asked what the second most important aspect of a visit to a restaurant was to them after the food, 59% of UK respondents said that it was ‘very important’ for ‘the table and restaurant environment to be clean and tidy,’ closely followed by the ‘tidiness of washrooms’, with one in two UK respondents citing this as ‘very important.’

The highest results for front of house cleanliness came amongst Russian consumers at 68%, followed by Finland at 62% and the Netherlands at 59%.

Respondents from France were the only country to place the ‘tidiness of washrooms’ as the second most important element of a restaurant experience after the food served at 58%.

When it came to meeting consumer expectations across the quality of napkins, tablecloths and cutlery, 58% of UK respondents felt that restaurant operators ‘should put more effort into tableware quality’.

Jamie Wright, UK&I communications manager, SCA Hygiene commented: “Operators cannot ignore the fact that UK consumers feel comfortable telling someone not to visit a restaurant due to a bad experience. This is completely avoidable and in most cases is down to a lack of care and attention to detail. We know that shrewd operators take the time to appraise their restaurant operation through the eyes of their customers, going so far as to walk every touch point in their journey. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, the customer journey across front and back of house has to be regularly assessed and reviewed to ensure continual delivery on expectations and to create a memorable experience.”



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