Corby of Windsor to support 'Shining Stars' in BH Awards

 A brand new category has been added to the Boutique Hotelier Personal Service Star Awards, rewarding the ‘Shining Stars’ of the hotel industry.

The new award is being sponsored by Corby of Windsor.

The Shining Star award will celebrate the rising stars of the boutique hotel sector, giving praise to those who work tirelessly day in day out to ensure the smooth running of their establishment.

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We’re looking for hoteliers to put forward supervisors and senior management who they believe are the backbone to operations; a member of staff who continues to show promise and dedication.

Corby of Windsor is proud to come on board to support the Shining Star award, and is passionate about rewarding the often unsung heroes of the industry.

Sales manager, Colin Quigley commented: “This award attracted us because it is completely geared towards independents, which is something very distinct and we are passionate about celebrating.

“I’ve been a manager of both boutique and big chain hotels and the way they operate is very different – working for an independent, you take on so many roles, from the plumber to the housekeeper and it takes a very dedicated and hard-working person to take it on.

“We want to reward the long hours and often unthankful dedication that supervisors and senior managers undertake everyday to provide support to staff, while also ensuring the best experience is had by guests. We want to give back to these members of staff and motivate them to stay loyal to this vibrant and exciting industry.”

As well as the Shining Star award, we are still collecting nominations for all our other Personal Service Awards, and you can download the nomination form here.




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