Cuisinequip launches small eco-induction units


Cuisinequip, sister company to Valentine Equipment, recently announced the addition of Eco-Kitchen induction cookers to its portfolio.

The Eco-Kitchen is a lighter-duty induction option for hoteliers looking to invest in good value and quality induction cookers.

Designed for less intensive use than Cuisinequip’s higher-end range, the new Eco-Kitchen range consists of table-top units, available as single, twin or quad induction hobs, and there is also a free-standing quadruple induction unit.

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Induction provides faster cooking times, a reduction in energy usage (and therefore energy bills) and a safer, cooler environment.

And now it is a technology that is available to more across the industry with this lower-priced induction range.

Eco-Kitchen induction cookers come with rotary controls, pan indicators and a stainless steel case, providing ease of use and facilitating the cleaning and maintenance of the product.

Steve Elliot, national sales manager at Cuisinequip, comments: “The Eco-Kitchen range offers professional kitchens an affordable piece of equipment to reduce their energy consumption, increase their speed of service and improve the quality of their food."



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