Financial gain impacts boutique hotel staff job satisfaction

 Nearly 38% of boutique hotel executives admit they would quit their job if a pay rise was not forthcoming.

The absence of any fiscal reward or incentive from their current employer is the main reason that industry professionals would look elsewhere for work, according to initial findings from the Boutique Hotelier Job Satisfaction and Salary Survey.

However, financial gain isn’t the only factor influencing job satisfaction in the UK boutique hotel sector.

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Almost 31% of respondents so far said that not feeling part of a great team would make them more likely to quit their job than any other factor, reinforcing the need for employers to create a happy working environment and promote camaraderie among staff.

The full results of the Job Satisfaction and Salary Survey will be published in the January edition of Boutique Hotelier, and will include statistics on salary trends throughout the industry.

The survey still remains open, so we urge anybody that hasn’t yet done it to take part in order to create the best possible data.

The survey is completely anonymous. It does not ask for any contact information and does not attach e-mail addresses to the surveys as they are completed so there is no way of knowing who has provided the answers.




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