Gap in Guildford hotel market prompts boutique plan

A gap in the hotel market in Guildford has prompted a plan for a new upmarket boutique to be submitted for the second time.

The proposal, currently in draft stage, speaks of an ‘under supply’ of good quality bedrooms in the town centre and emphasises the potential that a boutique hotel could bring to the economy in Guildford.

The plan first came to light as part of a £290,000 submission by Allies & Morrison to transform underused areas of the town, and while a hotel was originally part of the plan, it was later dismissed due to strong public objection around congestion in the area.

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However, the plan has now been floated once again as part of the redevelopment of the railway station.

The plan states: “With a comparatively affluent catchment area, Guildford town centre has positive demographics for the leisure sector, in particular food and drink provision.

“Whilst Guildford is relatively well represented within the leisure market, there is potential for further capacity across all areas considered.

“The provision of good quality hotel rooms in the town centre is a particular priority to support the broader leisure market and the office market.

“The combination of enhanced public realm, improved connections to the river, and creation of an expanded retail and cultural offer supports the context for the night-time economy. This will be enhanced through the promotion of new hotel development.”



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