Get ahead with a sustainable beverage offering

Paul Colebrook, sales director of Zip Heaters UK Ltd, shares his top tips around how hoteliers can avoid the environmental impact of bottled water and the alternative, sustainable beverage options available.

1. The importance of sustainability:
“We’re in an era where sustainability is high on the agenda; gone are the days where having a recycling process in place is enough – hoteliers now need to address all operations – such as their beverage offering – and embrace new products to provide long term solutions which generate the best environmental and economical results.”

2. Competitive advantage: “Improving a hotel’s sustainability is an essential part of the business development plan and is something that hoteliers should continually address. With a survey by finding that 62% of travellers always consider the environment when choosing hotels , improving your green credentials can clearly contribute to customer loyalty and provide a competitive advantage.”

3. Going beyond recycling: “Many hoteliers will be aware of the more common sustainable methods such as recycling, asking guests to reuse towels, installing energy efficient lighting and sourcing local produce, but what many may not realise is that there are other ways to dramatically improve sustainability credentials. One of the easiest ways to do this is by reviewing the beverage offering – particularly the use of bottled water.”

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4. The environmental impact of bottled water: “In the UK alone, three billion bottles of water are consumed each year and only 35% of the plastic bottles are recycled. It is also estimated that it takes three litres of water to produce just one litre of bottled water and 350,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere from the UK bottled water industry. These are just some of the statistics which demonstrate the environmental impact of bottled water.”

5. Switch to filtered water systems: “Filtered water systems offer a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to bottled water. With boiling, chilled and sparkling water available at the touch of a button, single source taps can be used by hotel caterers to speed up the cooking process and front-of-house service with a self-service function for guests’ hot and cold water refreshments. As well as this, by investing in a single source water tap, hoteliers will eliminate the cost and environmental impact of having bottled water transported and delivered, as well as the energy and space needed to store and refrigerate the bottles.

“For hoteliers to review their beverage offering, it’s much more than just needing to ‘meet sustainable targets’. It’s about building a strong sustainable future for both the hotel sector and the environment. With ever-increasing pressure to continually improve green credentials, it’s time that suppliers worked hand-in-hand with hotel professionals, and together achieve a more sustainable future for the sector.”



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