Hospitality industry still struggling to attract employees

While 2015 saw a significant rise in hospitality jobs, there is still a limited number of people actually applying for roles, according to new statistics from CV Library.

The latest figures from the job site’s database revealed that job postings in the hospitality sector have risen by 61% in the last year, with the majority of vacancies located in the south east (73% YOY).

The region totalling the fewest number of job vacancies in July 2015 was the East Midlands, which also saw the slowest regional growth of 14.3%.

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Despite the general impressive job growth nationwide, the number of people applying for roles in the sector has failed to maintain the same pace.

Compared to 2014, this July saw just an 8.5% increase in applications. These numbers leave an overall deficit of 32.5% in terms of the number of applications per role.

Also, whilst a hospitality business could expect to receive 27.7 candidates per role in July 2014, comparable data for July 2015 shows that this number has reduced to 18.7, meaning businesses have less choice during the selection process.

Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library, explains: “Our latest data demonstrates that businesses need to be savvier at attracting new talent to their organisations. With jobs on the rise, applicants can afford to be more selective in their job search. This data combined with the reality that the industry faces staggeringly high staff turnover, means hospitality businesses have a bigger challenge on their hands.”

Simon Tarr, managing director of People 1st commented: “With reducing unemployment levels, businesses are seeing more vacancies are hard to fill. The drop in applications highlights a greater focus is needed to retain the talent already working within the industry by offering clearer progression routes to demonstrate the fantastic career opportunities the sector has to offer, alongside targeting a wider range of sustainable and relevantly untapped talent pools to help fill vacancies.”



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