Industry needs educating on the quality of linen

Hoteliers need to be better educated on the topic of linen and what works best in their establishment, according to comments that emerged from a top panel discussion held last month.

As part of a special roundtable debate hosted by Boutique Hotelier in partnership with Tradelinens, top industry names came together to discuss whether hotels really are for sleeping in anymore, and found that hoteliers really need advice and help when it came to choosing the right linen for their property.

Robert Lancaster-Gaye, director at Tradelinens, Charles Leon, director at Leon Black interiors, Daniel Brown from Blossom and Brown laundries and Peter Hancock, chief executive at Pride of Britain Hotels, took part in the roundtable and brought some expert knowledge and their own insight to the discussion.

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When it came to hashing out the topic of educating hoteliers in the quality of linen, there was a clear opinion that the industry needed to be better trained and that this should fall to the responsibility of the general manager or owner.

Charles Leon said: “It definitely comes to the GM in the first instance and his attention to detail and his ability to transfer that sort of attention to everybody else in the building.”

Daniel Brown said: “Hoteliers knowledge isn’t great when it comes to fabrics. When we go to hotels we will go in with a load of products and say this is what we have available – we don’t tell them price points we just ask them to feel them. And then they’ll make the judgement on how they feel and the handle because at the end of the day that’s what they are going to experience, not how many thread counts. But make your selection on how it feels. Then they’ll look at the pricing points and say, well we love it but we can’t afford it.”

Robert Lancaster-Gaye adds: “Everybody in the world, touches textures. Defining how nice a textile is – a suit, a shirt, bed linen – helps to define what you can afford and that’s a very important part of society.”



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