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Kärcher machines are the backbone for many hotels’ cleanliness regime both front and back of house, indoors and out.

The Kärcher range includes discrete but thorough cleaning machines for car parks, foyers, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, bars and restaurants, gym and leisure facilities – whether for routine maintenance, deep cleans, quick touch ups or a rapid response to accidental spills.

According to Kärcher buyers should be looking for products that are available for use at any time and with long running times.

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Easy to store machines that are quick to set up save vital time and space, while compact, manoeuvrable solutions clean effectively in tight spaces and those which offer easy service and maintenance options will pay dividends over the product’s lifetime.

Quiet operation and stylish appearance combined can ensure machines are discreet enough for use in public areas.

The Kärcher range includes scrubber driers such as new award -winning BR 35/12 C with a new steering concept KART (Kärcher Advanced Response Technology) to achieve outstanding manoeuvrability and intuitive control.

A rechargeable lithium ion battery keeps it lightweight and themachine is well suited for use in narrow or awkward spaces such as amongst furniture or kitchen equipment.

In eco!efficiency mode water and power consumption is reduced, as is the noise level of the machine so its also good for daytime cleaning.

Kärcher’s tub vacuums range also includes another newcomer, the high-capacity T 17/1 eco!efficiency.

This 17 litre unit claims whisper quiet operation. and is designed to deliver optimum suction performance despite its small only a 750W motor.

The result is a machine that is extremely quiet (only 56 dB(A)), uses 40% less energy than a standard 1250W tub vac and yet offers excellent cleaning performance for daily use, says the company.

Finally, the battery-powered EB 30/1 electric broom is ideal for daytime use, says Kärcher, quickly, quietly and easily picking up loose dirt from hard and carpeted floors. “And no need to bend,” adds Kärcher.



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