Liverpool’s ‘Titanic hotel’ owner targets April 6 opening

Signature Living, the company behind the conversion of Albion House into Liverpool’s ‘Titanic hotel’ is targeting April 6 for a partial launch.

“That’s what I believe we’re going to work to,” Signature Living’s Lawrence Kenwright told Boutique Hotelier.

Kenwright has invested £7m in the purchase and conversion of the old White Star Line headquarters into Home of the Titanic Hotel.

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He told Boutique Hotelier that the property would feature a dedicated weddings venue and focus on the love story portrayed by Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio in the Hollywood version of Titanic, rather than the 1912 sinking of the ship.

“It’s themed loosely on the Titanic because you can’t get away from its [the building’s] heritage, but it’s more about the film and the greatest love story ever told than it is about the negativity of the disaster,” said Kenwright.

“We’ve had a bit of feedback from other people saying they don’t think we should be using the Titanic — that disaster — as a selling point and I totally agree, so we’re not trying to do it in that way, we’re trying to be very tasteful about it,” he added.



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