Nespresso launches limited-edition Colombian coffee capsules

Nespresso has turned to the coffee-growing regions of Colombia to create the Spring 2014 Limited Edition Grands Crus duo, the Colombian Terroirs. 

The coffee company sought out distinctive green Arabica coffee beans from the regions of Cauca and Santander for the range. 

Found in the lush equatorial region of south-west Colombia, where coffee bushes grow on mountain-sides, the Cauca region feels the effects of the equatorial sun.

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Santander, to the north-east, is a drier, steeper region surrounded by mountains forming the other end of the Andes Cordillera mountain range. Here, coffee bushes are grown and protected from the high-intensity sun by tall trees.

Nespresso has worked with farmers in these regions under its AAA Sustainable Quality Programme for a number of years.  

The Cauca Limited Edition Grand Cru is characterised by its fruity, winey aromas and juicy taste, with an intensity level of six.

The Santander Grand Cru incorporates toasted bread notes with sweet notes of caramel and with a rounded and balanced finish; it has an intensity of seven. 

They are both recommended to be enjoyed in a 40ml espresso measure. However, both Colombian Terroirs work well with milk recipes, retaining distinctive taste characteristics.

For the best taste results, Cauca is recommended as a Cappuccino and Santander as a Latte Macchiato.




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