New hotel collection: Another Place The Lake

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Another Place The Lake

Opening date: August 2017

Another Place is a new hotel collection from the team behind Cornwall’s Watergate Bay Hotel led by MD Will Ashworth. The coastal hotel has certainly made its mark on the industry as an sustainable year-round holiday destination, turning over £10m and boasting occupancy rates of 92%.

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Riding on this success, naturally thoughts have turned to expansion and so comes the launch of Another Place, independent of Watergate Bay Hotel.

The first hotel to join Another Place is on the shores of Ullswater, the second largest lake in England, and formerly known as Rampsbeck, was purchased by the Another Place team in May 2015. An investment of £3.5m is helping to transform this 18th century building from a 19-bedroom property into a 40-bedroom hotel, complete with family suites and dog friendly rooms, as well as a whole host of new public spaces and areas.

The aim is to make Another Place – The Lake boast the same destination appeal as North Cornwall’s Watergate Bay; instinctive and relevant, yet surprising and refined.

There is a clearly defined strategy for Another Place now, with six hotels anticipated in 10 years including the aspiration of growing into northern Europe and America.



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