Pinterest and Vine used in hospitality recruitment drive

Newer social media channels such as Pinterest and Vine are being used by a growing number of hospitality industry candidates to advertise their skills, according to recruitment agent, Jobco-op.

The hiring expert said that these outlets are being used more often by people who want to stand out from the crowd by highlighting their creativity.

Joint managing director Katie Trinder said: “We have reached a point where having a professional looking LinkedIn profile and an active, but inoffensive, presence on Twitter and Facebook are almost givens within the recruitment industry.

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“As a result, we are seeing greater efforts on the part of those who want to make themselves more conspicuous when compared to other candidates and newer, more visual social media channels such as Pinterest and Vine are good mediums to use for this.”

Katie said: “It is an indirect approach to finding a new job role but that is very much part of its appeal. In the eyes of the recruiter, you are immediately separating yourself from the herd and showing yourself to be a creative, tech-savvy person.

“Of course, undertaking this kind of social media activity needs to be done with the same kind of professionalism that you would automatically use when filling in your LinkedIn profile. While a medium such as Vine will obviously give your approach a whole different tone thanks to its format, you need to remember that you are presenting yourself as a serious, viable candidate.

“Also, it is essential that using more visual social media happens in addition to the normal job-seeking activity that you would normally undertake. You still need a high quality written CV and a solid presence on the more established social media channels.”



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