Six out of ten dog owners would take their pooch on honeymoon

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A survey of British pet owners has revealed for the first time just how close they are to their furry friends, highlighting the opportunities hoteliers have to capitalise on this audience.

According to new research from PetsPyjamas, seven out of 10 dog owners – and eight out of 10 cat owners – allow their pet to sleep on their bed.

The survey of more than 1,200 PetsPyjamas customers also showed that six out of 10 dog owners would even take their pet on honeymoon if given the chance.

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Half of dog owners would take their family pet on holiday for its birthday, while nine out of 10 buy their pet birthday and Christmas gifts. It’s not just celebrations that allow owners to spoil their pets however, as four out of 10 by new toys for their pet every month.

But it’s not just on special occasions that we treat our furry friends – four out of 10 buy new toys for their pet every month.

The research, carried out for the PetsPyjamas Trend Report 2016, makes clear that cats and dogs are very much part of the family in our pet-loving nation – so much so that many owners never want to leave them behind.

Most dog owners like to have their pet by their side as they eat – almost nine out of 10 take their canine chum out for brunch, to a restaurant, or to the pub.

Gracia Amico, CEO of PetsPyjamas, said: “We are delighted to find that our customers love their pets so much that they want to take them everywhere – on holiday, and even on honeymoon! With the Brexit effect, we have seen a huge increase in demand for pet-friendly staycations, with bookings through our Pet Concierge service almost doubling.

“Users of our site are booking stylish hotels, cottages and B&Bs for every breed and budget – all gorgeous places where pets are welcomed just as much as their owners. As we negotiate many excellent offers that are unique to us, we find a lot of people travel with us time and time again.”



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