Top brunch trends to boost business

The breakfast boom has been outgrown, as urban hotspots lead the way in this refreshed agenda of the day, resulting in a boozy combination of edgier foods that juggle comfort, global flavours and all-day breakfast.

It seems that Brits are seeking a more upper class experience on Sunday mornings, taking a posh approach to the traditional greasy fry up. With eggs taken any which way and lashings of prosecco and bloody Mary’s, more establishments are taking a leaf out of the American Sunday brunch trends but boozing it up a bit and giving it an air of class. This, in turn, is emerging from the trend for posh fast food and the rise of the burger. Brits are looking elsewhere on a Sunday morning to ease their hangover and turning away from the stodgy sausage, eggs, bacon and beans arrangement.

Consumers’ hunger for brunch provides an incredible business opportunity for hotel restaurants. By creating that sense of event, operators can charge premiums for items slightly dressed up from regular breakfast or lunch menus, or even offer buffets to take advantage of faster table turnover and reduced labour costs.

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The demand for detox food and supplements that promise a better lifestyle will be rife when brunch time swings round. From super smoothies to organic juices with a twist, consumers will lean more towards drinks that will give them a boost. Executive chef David Haetzman from Signature Pubs agrees: “Brunch looks set to become a three course event this year with the buzz word for 2015 being fresh! Beginning with juices – created in-house, freshly made with additional ‘super’ supplements, moving on to healthy options with yoghurt smoothies, fruit platters with home-made breads, pancakes and pastries. The Full Scottish will always have a place on our menu and in our hearts for the right occasion and let’s be honest, nothing can beat a bacon roll and a can of Irn Bru when the hangover commands it!”

24-hour London restaurant Duck and Waffle has been gradually moving up the popularity ladder over the past few years, offering a selection of waffle-inspired dishes, and as the name suggests, all round the clock. Now it’s transpired into the mainstream consumer conscience, with trendy eaters seeking different combinations of the traditionally American menu staple during peak brunch times. Maple syrup, seasonal berries and streaky bacon; guests will be looking for that sugar fix and certainly won’t be worrying about calories.

Artisan bread
No longer are menus being home to a simply choice of white, brown or granary bread, and any establishment that doesn’t realise this trend could be majorly missing out on a revenue stream. You’ll need to rely on adjective-strong descriptions on your menus to really whet guests’ appetites, using a selection of words such as ‘hand-blended ‘warm dough’ and ‘freshly baked’ to garner attention. Andaz boutique hotel in London is a brilliant example of this, offering a selection of breads from its Baker’s Spread including rye sourdough, mixed seed loaf and bagels.

Bacon and eggs are still wildly popular brunch ingredients, but now they are being used in cutting-edge ways. Fried quails eggs served sunny side up, eggs Benedict, rolled sausage omelettes, croquet monsieur with scrambled eggs; the possibilities are endless. Luxury London restaurant The Wolseley features a few inspirational egg combinations, including haggis with fried duck eggs, potato rosti with avocado, tomato and poached egg as well as a caviar omelette, which comes in at £67 for those guests who really want to splash out.

Vincent Duffy, executive chef at Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel, Jersey has also noticed an increase in the number of people consuming a brunch-style afternoon tea. He says: “I have seen the brunch trade in Jersey lift significantly over the past 12 months, with a large number of people looking for a light bite or sharing style dish. I tend to find that afternoon tea is increasingly popular for a brunch indulgence in the early afternoon, so much so, that I developed a healthy detox option for January, which has been hugely popular with guests and local clientele alike.”




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