What stories are guests telling about you?


Guests love to tell stories about their hotel experiences. But are they telling the stories you want and what can you do to influence those stories?

One way you can influence those stories is with the Guest Experience you deliver. Guest Experience is the key competitive battleground and vital to your reputation and sales growth. You can never NOT deliver an experience and guests now demand a more emotionally connected experience.

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Emotions count for over 50% of the guest experience. Your ability to influence how your guests feel can make you unique.

Those emotions become the memories they take away. The memories then become the stories they tell their friends and share on social media.

Guests who have positive emotional experiences are likely to pay more, return more and recommend you more.

No hotel would deliberately set out to create negative emotions for their guests, but sadly this occurs.

When staff do not have the knowledge to answer queries immediately, guests feel frustrated.

When guests are not acknowledged or their requests are not actioned, they feel neglected and unhappy.

Unnecessary procedures create feelings of resentment or not valued. These negative emotions are costly for your business.

Sidona Group guest research identified six key emotions guests want to feel during their stay with you; welcomed, cared for, indulged, safe, valued & special and happy.

Ensuring staff understand how to trigger these emotions is the key to your bottom line performance. Equipping staff with the latest guest experience skills, language and techniques will ensure your hotel becomes the story your guests want to share.

You can sample some of these techniques on a new Hotel Leadership Video Series created by Sidona Group, guest experience training and research experts. They are available free on their website. sidonagroup.com and on boutiquehotelier.com

Anne Blackburn
Customer experience director, Sidona Group,





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