10 New Year’s resolutions for boutique hoteliers


The Luxury Academy has been counting down to 2014. With 365 unsullied days in prospect, the hospitality-training firm put together 10 resolutions every hotel manager should make for a successful New Year


Success is its own reward, they say, but it’s good to have something more tangible than that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when all is going well. Make 2014 the year of the Staff Incentive Programme to motivate staff. Everyone wins — staff are engaged, sales increase and guests discover more of your services.

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Obvious, yes, but this is a soft skill that translates into hard facts — a stronger team, a thriving hotel, a bright future. Let 2014 be the year of gold-standard communication practices; holding daily pre-shift briefings, frequent one-to-one sessions and a regular cycle of team meetings are good places to start.


Your team leaders and managers do a sterling job, every day and every night. Where would you be without them? Bring everyone together for a team-building day to help strengthen relationships and show just how much their efforts are appreciated.


Is there space on the staffroom wall? In the canteen? Could you make space for a Wow Wall of Fame? You’ll be glad you did. Here’s how it works — every staff member who wows a guest, makes a difference and is mentioned in feedback from a guest gets a place on the Wow Wall of Fame.


While we’re in high-five mode, remember who you’re working so hard for: your guests. Thank each and every one for their business, whether they’re returning for their annual stay, staying for the first time, just passing through, or meeting friends for a morning coffee. Saying ‘thank you for your visit’ may seem obvious but it’s often overlooked, which is a pity. It’s an opportunity to sound one of the grace notes every guest loves to hear.


Start the New Year with purpose, and give it a simple theme. Make 2014 the Year of Amazing Guest Experiences, and start thinking about what those experiences might be. If it isn’t likely to amaze, discard it and think again. A suggestion box for staff to add their own ideas is a good way to involve everyone in the story of 2014 from the very beginning.


We all know how the bright sheen of a New Year resolution loses its lustre as the year ripens. Choose one skill for each month of the year, and commit your whole team to honing it through that month.


Or, more prosaically, a calendar of training days. Take your unblemished 2014 calendar and plan your training strategy across the year. Not only will this be a great way to focus the mind on training needs and skill gaps, it will also help you to keep resolution seven.

9 ENGAGE as your training partner — nothing beats expertise from the people who know the industry from wine cellar to attic. Choose from single-focus courses to wide-ranging training such as the Hotel Finishing School, or unlock the secrets of Rock Star Service and Rock Star Leadership.


The lot of the unsung hero can be a dispiriting one if it goes unsung for long. Let this be the year you sing the praises of your unsung heroes and everyone else’s too. If you remember 2013 for the things that went wrong, let this be the year you celebrate all that goes off so well and the team that makes it possible. Don’t wait for New Year’s Eve in 2014 to start high-fiving and punching the air. Do it every day. Start now, and keep it up.


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