10 ways technology can improve the restaurant experience


Communications and software systems supplier to the hospitality industry, Call Systems Technology (CST) , shares 10 ways technology can improve the restaurant operation and diner experience. 

1) A good online presence does wonders for attracting guests. Introducing a simple online booking process can increase business by up to 50%.

2) Customers often want to book their table at the last minute. Increase business by providing an online queuing system, which will allow customers to queue without having to physically wait at the restaurant.

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3) A relaxed host makes a great first impression – a stressed one encourages customers to walk away. A table management system reduces stress by giving the host all the information they need, at the hostess stand.

4) Long queues can put customers off. A customer pager lets customers wait for their table in the bar, and staff can get in touch immediately the table is ready.

5) Wooden spoons to locate customers’ tables are so last millennium – and they’re not always effective. RFID technology tells waiters exactly where customers are, saving huge amounts of time.

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6) Don’t ruin the ambiance by calling out names over the tannoy. Alternative communication devices are discreet and won’t disturb the dining experience.

7) Customers wanting another drink or dessert may lose interest if no one is around to take their order. Call buttons on the table increase business and let customers get service when they want it.

8) Provide a personal service and make customers feel wanted – technology can log and remember birthdays, favourite meals, and dietary requirements.

9) Kitchen automation can help chefs who don’t have English as a first language by translating recipes and kitchen processes, with pictures and video to assist.

10) Communication between management and staff needs to be quick, reliable and discreet. The latest lightweight radios let staff call for support without any annoying crackles.

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