5 reasons why hotels are favouring LVT

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While the floor covering of choice in most hotels was traditionally carpet, the tide is changing as many hotel owners and operators opt for more durable and stylish options. Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) has grown in popularity in this arena, and when you look closely at the benefits, it’s not difficult to see why.

Durability of LVT makes it an option with longevity

A floor covering is an investment, both in financial terms and the downtime and disruption caused in installation, so choosing an option that will stand the test of time is best. LVT is made up of a textured wear layer that overlays a digital print (usually wood or tile effect) mounted on insulated backing. Choosing the thickest wear layer available means it will withstand longer wear of high traffic – perfect for hotel lobbies, corridors and even rooms. Unlike carpet, it won’t start to look worn – so with the right care, it can look as good as the day it was laid for many years to come.

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Soft, warm and quiet underfoot

Hearing shoes and heels clicking along hard flooring of a hotel corridor or on the bedroom floor of a room above is a no-no, and for this reason, hard flooring in these areas is often discounted. However, as LVT has an insulated backing, it offers good acoustic properties, and it’s comfortable to walk on and warm underfoot. The wear layer is textured, so feels very tactile, and has good grip even when walking on it in socks.

Stylish and limitless in design

The endless array of wood and tile effects that are available in LVT products means literally any look can be achieved – a real bonus for a boutique hotelier trying to achieve a certain look and feel to hotel rooms or communal areas. The digital print composition of LVT means that options can be dark, light, subtle or bold. Going for a modern, clean Scandi effect, or a warm, cosy traditional wood look? There’ll be a huge choice in either. Parquet style flooring is really desirable right now, and there are a variety of patterns that can be created from this type of plank, from traditional herringbone or a contemporary chevron, through to a square layout.

Easy to care for and hygienic

Hygiene has always been an important factor when running a hotel establishment, but even more so in a pandemic. LVT flooring offers low maintenance – just a sweep or vacuum and damp mop will keep it looking it’s best. It will withstand mild anti-bacterial detergents, so offers peace of mind that the flooring will not harbour bacteria in the way a carpet would.

Practicality is key for hoteliers

In a lobby area, water and debris from outside will be trodden in, therefore, hard flooring is always the best option for these areas. But tiles can be slippy when wet and laminate doesn’t withstand moisture very well. LVT isn’t affected by moisture, in fact, most types are waterproof, and due to the textured wear layer, it offers good grip even when damp.

Paul Hambidge, founder of flooring retailer and manufacturer Factory Direct Flooring.

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