58% of hoteliers say take-home pay is more than last year

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Over half of employees working in the UK hotel sector claim they have received a pay rise in the past 12 months.

According to initial findings from the Boutique Hotelier Job Satisfaction Survey, 58% of senior professionals in the industry have seen their salary increase over the past year, while a further 16% have experienced a rise within the past two years.

The majority of those that have taken the survey so far are owners, senior managers and heads of departments.

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Around 16% indicated that the last time they received a salary rise was more than three years ago. Approximately 8% said that their salary had gone down in the last year.

Further analysis reveals that 55% of those who have received a salary rise in the past 12 months saw their take-home pay increase by between 6% and 10%.

22% of respondents said their salary had risen between 3% and 5%, with the rest reporting an increase of 1% and 2% or more.

Although an overwhelming majority of hotel staff say their salary has increased in the past year, 25% of hoteliers fear their future earnings prospects could be negatively impacted by Brexit.

Full analysis of the Professional Jeweller Job Satisfaction Survey will continue as the results come in and we are urging everybody to take part in order to create the best possible data.

The survey is completely anonymous and does not require any obligatory contact information to be filled in.




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