70% of international travellers would consider venturing overseas for a holiday in 2021


Good news for UK hoteliers as data from VisitBritain has revealed that international travellers are feeling optimistic about a trip overseas in 2021.

The VB Inbound Covid-19 sentiment tracker, in partnership with Visit Wales, Visit Scotland and London & Partners, found that 70% of respondents said they would consider an international leisure trip in 2021, despite the uncertainties surrounding the pandemic.

The research was carried out in December across 14 markets including Australia, Italy, Spain and the USA.

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The availability of the vaccines is the top driver for international travel in the next 12 months, followed by a significant decrease in coronavirus cases at a destination, a money-back guarantee should they wish to cancel their trip, and removal of quarantine policies in the destination country.

Overall, about 4 in 10 (38%) have a clear plan in mind about where they want to go, but only 7% have already booked, making the destination choice still open for 2021.

Not surprisingly, 63% said they would leave bookings to the last minute, while 74% of respondents also say they would look for less crowded places even if they miss out on iconic attractions

Out of the 86% of those considering a trip to Britain would travel to England, 51% would go to Scotland, and 29% would go to Wales. The data also suggests that potentially a high proportion of travellers would consider multiple nations within Britain.

Within England, the most popular destination for leisure trip intenders is London (46%), followed by the South East (38%) and North West (31%).

International travellers are open to using a variety of channels to plan their next trip; however, online travel agents or tour operators are the most popular channel (35%) followed by travel comparison websites (34%).

When considering destination types for their next international trip, global travellers prefer large cities (45%) and coastlines (38%); however, 33% state that they will roam around, visiting many types of places.

Download the full report (PDF, 7MB).

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  1. People would definitely prefer rural areas and areas with less crowd and hygienic places. Mountains and luxury holiday destinations will see a rise for sure. People also have good savings as they have been locked down but still working. #TravelAgain

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