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Rick Smith, Managing Director of Forbes Burton helps clear up some of the uncertainties with a plan on how to bounce back from the Coronavirus pandemic.

We live in challenging times, but it also means there’s time for opportunity.

It’s important to start planning the comeback now. This situation isn’t going to last forever, even though circumstances may seem like we’re destined to be in lockdown for the foreseeable future. There’s always a way through a situation, a light at the end of the tunnel, and this is why it’s best to start seizing on the opportunities now for when the restrictions are lifted.

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Enact your business plan 

While your business is closed, you should be preparing a business plan that is ready to enact once all the restrictions are lifted. As soon as there’s a hint of recovery, it’s time to start planning your return.

Social Media

Your hotel may be shut, but that doesn’t mean your social media site is too. There can be many opportunities here for potential customers to gain a greater understanding of who works at the hotel, what kinds of rooms there are, alongside what’s going on currently at the hotel.

Livestream it. Blog about it.

Keep your social presence going and then once your hotel reopens, customers may be compelled to come to visit for a weekend to take advantage of their freedom.

It’s important to keep awareness on a high point throughout these difficult times, and it carries the story of the hotel in a unique chapter of its life. When the hotel reopens, the next chapter begins, and this can be shown in social media once more.

But what about when there’s a set date to reopen?

It always helps to have the business ready for this, and it should be a high priority in the business plan stated before. Supply lines may still be catching up with demand, some may still be closed, so make sure that the stock you need can be procured through other means.

It’s likely that you already have a great relationship with suppliers, so make sure that they’re also getting ready for the reopening. Perhaps even have them invited to the hotel for a weekend getaway to build on that relationship even more.

But even throughout this, people are dreaming, wondering of where they can escape to, and hotels will be the main destination for getting away from home. There’s already research showing customers wanting to book from January 2021, so there is already potential there to snap up some bookings.

There is always opportunity when times become tough, and for a situation like this, everyone will be willing to help one another out.

When it comes to hotels, the trust and bond between staff and customers will see coronavirus as a bittersweet memory, and a figurehead of how the hospitality industry soared in 2021.

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