Average price of a UK hotel room in decline


A slight decrease in London room rates affected the UK average.

Average hotel prices slipped 1% last year despite the number of inbound visitors to the UK increasing by 4%, new data shows.

Analysis of the rates paid per night in the top 40 most popular destinations in the UK by all travellers reveal that the industry has seen a slight fall in average room charges over the past 12 months.

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The Hotel Price Index, which produces the figures, said that the overall decrease was likely due to some of the most popular destinations seeing a slight fall.

London, for instance, remains the largest hotel market in the UK, but average prices fell 1% due to the wide range of accommodation choices available in the capital.

Higher prices do not seem to deter visitors to the perennial favourites of Oxford, Cambridge and Bath but 32 of the top 40 destinations recorded more affordable averages of under £100 a night.

The important tourist areas of the Lake District and the Isle of Wight fell into the category with the Cotswolds just on the mark.
Amongst these most popular choices, the traditional seaside resort of Blackpool offered the best value, closely followed by several cities in the Midlands.

Clear evidence of the impact of the falling price of petrol at the pump can be seen in the average paid for accommodation in the North Sea oil capital of Aberdeen in 2015, which fell considerably.

Average prices paid per night by all travellers, both domestic and international, in selected destinations in the UK in 2015 as compared to 2014

Destination 2015 2014 % Change
London £135 £136 -1%
Oxford £128 £127 1%
Bath £126 £120 5%
Cambridge £111 £108 2%
Cotswolds £100 £92 9%
Belfast £89 £81 11%
Aberdeen £88 £118 -25%
Isle of Wight £79 £71 11%
Blackpool £64 £61 5%


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