Bed and clean sheets steal top spot of guests’ list of hotel essentials, report finds


While guests enjoy a scenic view from their room, they’d happily trade in a first-rate view for a high-quality bedding, a new report has found.

According to a survey of UK hotel workers from the Professional division of Miele, bedroom and bedding cleanliness is the number one priority for guests, ahead of a welcoming reception, facilities and star rating and even good value for money.

While 88% said the bedroom was more important than any other part of the hotel, hotel workers identified stained bed linen as the second most likely customer cleanliness complaint.

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The survey, produced for Miele by market research company Sapio, found that managing laundry operations in-house is key to maintaining the standard of the laundry, with 54% of respondents identifying ‘reliability’ as the top associated factor with an on-premise laundry (OPL).

A further 88% of survey respondents stated that a hotel’s laundry management system impacts the guest experience more than any other operational area with stained bedding being one of the most common customer complaints.

Sam Bailey, sales and marketing director of the professional division of Miele, commented: “The market research revealed a number of critical insights that hotels striving to be top of their game should be aware of – most notably how important a well-operated laundry is to the guest experience.”

Currently, 76% of the hotels using offsite laundries for at least some of their washing and drying choose to send their guest bed linens and towels offsite. However, whilst hygiene quality and cleanliness were identified as the most important factors around laundry provision, only 37% were highly satisfied with the quality of service and 54% with how clean it was.

“An on-premise laundry solution can give employees greater control over the standard of their laundry and could reduce customer complaints around the cleanliness of linen and therefore the need for bedding changes,” Bailey added.

“While the main on-premise laundry challenge highlighted was a lack of space, we find that many of our customers are pleasantly surprised at how little room is actually required.”

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