How many of our 10 memorable quotes from the hospitality industry did you get right? Answers below. 

QUOTE 1: “My dad is hugely proud that I came to work in the family business, but at the same time you have to be very careful to divorce the father / son relationship – it’s a rare thing for it to work. Something like 87% of them don’t make second generation and 95% don’t make third generation. It’s an interesting dynamic. You go through some tough times and then have to make the rule to not chat work over Sunday lunch!”

ANSWER: Danny Pecorelli, managing director, Exclusive Hotels and Venues

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QUOTE 2: “You basically have to move faster and faster and react even more quickly to drive growth through the business.

“I think we’ve had to get quicker, sharper, more reactive. I always feel hoteliers are reactive people, who get stuff done.”

ANSWER: Stephanie Hocking, CEO, Andrew Brownsword

QUOTE 3: “We really got on like a house on fire. We were just really aligned. As a chef and a hotelier we obviously started talking about the business pretty quickly, – what’s your view on service, hospitality, what should a restaurant be like, feel like, what do customers want, how have eating habits changed – and it was like yeah, yes, yes! You don’t have that very often. When that chemistry and the human connection is right you are on to a winner.”

ANSWER: Thomas Kochs, managing director, Corinthia London, on his first meeting with chef Tom Kerridge. 

QUOTE 4: “We do want to target a younger market, a modern market. We don’t want the hotel to be stuffy and traditional, we want it to be a market leader. The London market is key for us, a lot of opportunity for us. We want it to be vibrant and feel alive.”

ANSWER: Kevin Brooke, general manager, Cliveden House

QUOTE 5: “In my opinion – I’ve had experience of opening underwater spas in the Maldives – I do believe the spa is going to be amazing. It’s going to be special.”

ANSWER: Andrew Spearman, hotel director, Beaverbrook

QUOTE 6: “Sometimes our shareholder updates are not 100% positive because this isn’t always a 100% positive business. Things go wrong and I think it’s very important to tell people when things go wrong because then they believe you”

ANSWER: Philip Turner, founder, The Chestnut Group

QUOTE 7: “We are not really expansionists. We just love hotel keeping and making hotels better. There is a fear in us all actually that if we got another hotel that would dilute the collection, and we’ve ruled with that previously and walked away from places we have been looking at, thinking we need to make our own properties better first.”

ANSWER: Richard and Cathy Ball, The Calcot Collection

QUOTE 8: “They all follow a rather similar pattern; at each property we turn over £4-5m, and we would expect to drive an EBITA of between £1 – £1.5m from each one. We run in the 90’s occupancy year round and each place we are doing north of 150 covers a day. Considering we are in the middle of nowhere, it’s not too bad.”

ANSWER: Robin Hutson, The Pig

QUOTE 9: “The day my mum came to have lunch with my family was the proudest moment. She wasn’t aware of the world I was working in and had never had food like lobster so for me to be able to look after her there was very special. It was also terrifying. I was more tense looking after my family than I was looking after Her Majesty!”

ANSWER: Diego Masciaga, The Waterside Inn

QUOTE 10: “Every kitchen porter, every maid, every front desk clerk, has access to the financial results, and if they are interested, we explain what the difference is between a P+L and a balance sheet, and what does a flow through mean”

ANSWER: Jannes Soerensen, general manager, The Beaumont


0-3: Must do better! Don’t worry, there’s always next year – but we really think you should be logging onto more often!

4-7: Good knowledge! Well done – a credible score! We’re delighted to see you’ve been closely following the highs and lows of the industry this year!

8-10: Take a bow! You really need to get out more! Just kidding, we’re impressed you know the industry so well. Give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back!  

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