Boris Johnson poised to announce hospitality reopening plans on Tuesday

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On Tuesday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to announce if hospitality is safe to reopen on July 4 and if the 2 metre distancing rule can be relaxed.

Today the PM discuss with the Covid-19 Strategy Committee England’s approach to the changes and assess how the country’s exit out of lockdown is progressing.

Tomorrow Johnson will then update Parliament on the next stage of the roadmap and whether hotels, pubs, restaurants and hairdressers are safe to reopen from July 4.

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He is also expected to reveal the outcome of a review into the 2 metre social distancing rule, which could have a huge impact on the hospitality sector.

The Prime Minister commissioned a review into the rule last week after pressure from hospitality leaders.

Some bars, restaurants and pubs say they will be unable to make a profit if the 2m guidance is still in place when they reopen. Tourism firms have also warned of tens of thousands of job losses unless the distance is shortened.

It is thought as part of this review, Johnson is poised to announce a new ‘one metre plus’ rule, for all venues.

If given the go ahead, it would allow people to remain a metre away from others if they take additional measures to protect themselves, such as wearing a mask.

In restaurants, pubs and hotels, businesses will be expected to introduce partition screens between tables that are situated less than two metres apart.

As reported in the Sunday Telegraph, officials are understood to have concluded that observing one metre with appropriate ‘mitigations’ would equate, in terms of public safety, to two distancing measures without any protection measures.

Boris Johnson announced in May that the England will be following a four-phase roadmap to recovery out of the coronavirus lockdown, with hospitality allowed to reopen on July 4 ‘at the earliest’.

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