Bournemouth Miramar gets smart with open fireplaces


One of Bournemouth’s top hotels has turned to Smart Fire UK to reinvigorate its empty and redundant fireplaces.

Done as part of an ongoing development of the 4 star hotel, The Miramar wanted to give their disused fireplaces a new lease of life.

After seeing Smart Fire’s range of bio ethanol fuelled fires displayed at a trade show the hotle managment was impressed and the Edwardian hotel had the fireplaces installed last year, placing the bio ethanol burners inside the original fireplaces.

As the existing fireplaces had their chimneys and flues blocked up, it was thought impossible to re-fashion them back into working fireplaces.

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However, because the EcoSmart fires are clean burning and produce no fumes, they were seen as the perfect alternative.

On top of that, the new fires have provided the Hotel Miramar with a cost effective and green source of heating.

Theo Iakimov, head of operations at Hotel Miramar commented that the fireplaces had become a real talking point for hotel guests. “We are really pleased with the final result and our guests think the fires are absolutely fantastic.

“The fireplaces now look stunning and in the winter give the hotel and incredibly cosy feel. In fact they give off a surprisingly effective amount of heat.

“For example, this winter we were able to turn the central heating off in the main foyer and just rely on the heat from the fires alone.
“They’re easy to use, safe, and clean and we are extremely happy with the final result.”

Paul Holt, business manager at Smart Fire UK commented: “We’re really happy that Hotel Miramar are pleased with their fires.

“Often people think that once a chimney has been blocked up then that’s the end of a fireplace, however bio-ethanol can change all that.

“We have managed to install fireplaces in the middle of fountains and even swimming pools.”

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