Bristol community engages in Big Conversation to pledge jobs


Bristol hospitality businesses including restaurants, hotels and catering establishments from across the region will come together next year to pledge new jobs.

On 13 January 2015 at Mercure hotel the established  hospitality community will pledge job opportunities, apprenticeships and work placements for young job seekers at the Big Hospitality Conversation.

Bristol’s visitor economy continues to grow steadily and visitor spend is in excess of £1billion annually, while the city is the fourth most visited in England and consistently placed 7th or 8th in the ranking of destinations by overseas visitors to the UK.

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Statistics indicate that Bristol attracts in the region of 1.6 million overnight trips annually, with one fifth of total domestic tourist nights spent in the South West, of which Bristol is the largest city.

Jacqui Allum, Director of The Big Hospitality Conversation said: “Bristol and the South West have one of the largest hotel and restaurant sectors in the UK in terms of both employees and contribution to the local economy.

“Hospitality is a growing industry which is consistently resilient to economic fluctuations.

“With its enviably full and varied programmes of festivals, events and cultural activities, Bristol is ideally placed for attracting domestic and overseas tourists and we’re delighted to be working with prosperous local hospitality and tourism businesses who are seeking to attract young people.”

The Big Hospitality Conversation is a nationwide campaign led by the British Hospitality Association in partnership with Springboard, Barclays, Believe in Young People, National Apprenticeship Service, and the DWP. It offers a commitment to creating job opportunities for 16-24 year olds.

More than 35,000 job opportunities have so far been created at events like the one at Mercure and the aim is for the hospitality industry to create up to 60,000 jobs for young people by 2016.

This is the 22nd Big Hospitality Conversation to date and will kick-start an ambitious 2015 programme which will seek to generate job opportunities across the UK at venues including Tottenham, Nottingham, Sheffield, Newcastle, Swansea, Belfast, Lambeth, Cardiff, Hackney, Legoland, Bournemouth, Llandudno, Dundee / Perth, Preston / Blackpool, Leeds, Birmingham, Exeter, Maidstone, and the Isle of Wight.

Ufi Ibrahim, CEO of the British Hospitality Association says: “Hospitality and tourism is a key facet of the economic success of Bristol in terms of its financial contribution to the UK Plc and job creation.

“It consistently outranks other regional cities for overnight trips and has widespread appeal to both domestic and overseas tourists.

“For young people living in Bristol, therefore, a career in hospitality makes perfect sense.

“The breadth of job roles and the training available means that bright and focused young people can succeed very quickly and hospitality offers wonderful growth prospects and job opportunities for all job seekers of any age.”


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