Brits are a nation of wifi fanatics on holiday


Research identifies that free wifi is the holiday must have and that most of us prefer to holiday with our pals rather than partners.

When we think of holidays, we tend to think it’s a time to switch off but new research from ebookers, one of Europe’s largest online travel agents, reveals that’s not the case

As a nation we’re more switched on than ever, with 51% of the UK citing that free wifi is the most important thing in making their holiday rewarding.

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The perfect holiday breaks down as:

• Location: Europe is the most desirable destination (45%)

•Travel: 59% of the nation want to travel less than four hours to reach their destination

•Connected: Free wifi(51%) and upgrades at the hotel and pool (55%)

•Companion: 17% put their pals above their partner and would rather travel with their friend

The winter months and the weekend are the most rewarding time to go on holiday, with a third of the population preferring to go while the UK weather is at its worst

It isn’t only the promise of winter sun that entices people to go on holiday, people (20%) in London, Newcastle, North East and Yorkshire consider taking a holiday before Christmas so they are relaxed by the time it arrives.

It has also been revealed that one in five people in London and North West know someone or have skipped a summer holiday to have a winter holiday.

Once we reach our ideal destinations it is our experiences that make a holiday most rewarding, with enjoyable restaurants(49%), relaxing and quiet accommodation(38%)and going on holiday when you know its cold weather at home (32%) being the top three identified
Despite this, people feel that there is still more that can be done by hotels to make holidays more rewarding, with those from Norwich (14%) sayIng there are no rewarding parts of a holiday and those from Cardiff (20%) revealing that they have never experienced a rewarding holiday.

Top 10 areas the population have identified to make their holiday more rewarding:
1. Free room upgrade on arrival (55%)

2. Beautiful views from your bed (51%)

3. Free wifi (51%)

4.Treats in the room on arrival (43%)

5.Free breakfast in bed (30%)

6. Bespoke gifts in your room on arrival (28%)

7. A complimentary cocktail on arrival (26%)

8. Bespoke robe and slippers in your room (25%)

9. A VIP experience where a limo will collect you from the airport (22.30%)

10. A hotel that will get you deals and VIP treatment at local restaurants, bars and clubs(21%)

Jessica Craker, Ebookers spokesperson says: “At ebookers we understand it’s the little things that make a holiday experience more rewarding and through our new rewards programme, Bonus+, we offer our customers exactly that.

"Working with our network of Bonus+ hotels, our customers can experience added extras from complimentary upgrades to free wifi, perfect for those holiday makers who like to share their holiday snaps, check-ins and updates on social media.”

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