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Browns is the first UK hotel to tie up with CleanConscience as it looks to actively eliminate needless waste that would otherwise go to land fill.

CleanConscience manually sorts, sterilises and reprocesses soaps and toiletries, which are then gifted to humanitarian aid organisations. CleanConscience is a charity, founded by Gwen Powell that aims to reduce waste from the hospitality industry going to landfill or being incinerated in the UK.

Those organisations distribute the soap and toiletries to people at-risk in the UK,
and also to those people globally that are suffering from life threatening diseases that are preventable by hand washing with soap.

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“We are pleased to be working with CleanConscience, the first and only company in the UK that collects the partially used or damaged soap and bottled toiletries every month to recover them for future use,” said Steve McCormack, security and sustainability manager, at Brown’s Hotel.

“The turnkey solution works well, and we have eight green recycling crates full of discarded product collected monthly. Brown’s Hotel is very proud to be the front runners in this sustainability project.

“It seems fitting that one of the first hotels in London is now the first hotel in the UK to take part in our soap and toiletry recycling programme.

“Brown’s Hotel immediately understood that what CleanConscience is able to offer the UK hospitality industry is much more than just a waste recovery service, it is a CSR initiative that is understood and appreciated by stakeholders, guests, staff and management alike.

“CleanConscience’s hash tag on social media is #makingadifference and Brown’s Hotel can now claim that they have #madeadifference to the UK hospitality industry, by being the FIRST.

“We are very pleased to be working with such a pioneering hotel group,” commented Powell, founder and project director, CleanConscience.

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