Business Leaders: Roberto Pajares, general manager, The Ampersand Hotel


Roberto Pajares has a clear vision; to make The Ampersand Hotel the best boutique in South Kensington.

Judging by the results, the hotel is well on its way, with an annual turnover of £8m and consistent occupancy rates growing upwards from 80% year on year, and Pajares plays a major part in this success.

He has been instrumental in the hotel since its launch in 2012, working across all aspects of the build and once doors opened he worked tirelessly to improve processes and strives to maintain the launch momentum and excitement to this day.

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The Ampersand Hotel will be five years old this August and integral to its impressive growth has been its workforce, for which Pajares has fostered an environment that makes the hotel an employer of choice.

He has assembled a 65-strong team of confident and imaginative people, who are challenged to think for themselves and given the chance to shine. In a nutshell, he’s built a team who love working there; as demonstrated in the hotel’s 4% average monthly staff turnover; far lower than the industry average which can be as high as 31%.

He has activated personalised training and development plans tailored to individual needs, including coaching and mentoring, in-­house and external training courses and a two-way feedback process. Pajares’s passion for the hotel is evident across all of his strategies; he believes in both the product and the team and runs the business as if it’s his own.


The Ampersand Hotel

Address: 10 Harrington Rd, Kensington, London SW7 3ER

Bedrooms: 111


Twitter:  @AmpersandHotel


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