Businessmen have bag full of cash snatched at breakfast


Two millionaire businessmen had their bag containing £30,000 in cash snatched while they were eating breakfast at a London hotel.

Rob Syed and his nephew Carlos Saleh fell victim to the crime at Kensington Hilton in Holland Park Avenue on August 16. The bag contained $20,000 and £13,000 in cash and a Rolex watch worth £10,000.

According to Mr Syed, police have now recovered the CCTV of the incident and say the man caught on camera is ‘familiar’ to them. He believes the robber may have followed him to the hotel after he bought the Rolex watch at Watches of Switzerland in Oxford Street the previous day.

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Mr Saleh, who lives in Sydney, was visiting his uncle Mr Syed to help negotiate a potential £4.9m deal to purchase a hotel in the capital.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, Mr Syed said: “We got up to go and get some food in the breakfast area and we could only have been two or three minutes, but by the time we came back the cash was gone.”

He said the cash was for a visit to Brighton and a shopping trip to Oxfordshire later that day.

A Hilton spokesperson said: “We can confirm an incident of theft was reported at Hilton Kensington on August 16. The hotel management acted immediately to alert local authorities.”

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