Glossy photos of cosy, romantic getaways used to sell your hotel or B&B, but with the advent of trip advisor and other sites of its ilk it’s all too easy for a cleaning faux pas to have long-lasting consequences. 

Luxury B&Bs offer an idyllic charm and the promise of home-from-home comforts.  While holiday makers may more naturally gravitate to B&Bs for a romantic getaway, many commuters are enjoying their personal touch too.

But, at least when it comes to cleaning, large hotels have a huge advantage over the humble B&B – miles of straight corridors, lifts between floors, identical rooms and lots of hard flooring.  In contrast, keeping a bespoke, often character property pristine and inviting poses all manner of cleaning challenges.

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B&Bs include many different functional areas with differing cleaning needs – while hygiene may be critical in the out-of-sight kitchen – front of house needs to deliver appealing levels of cleanliness from the kerbside, beyond the front door, through corridors, onto landings and in to the all-important guest bedrooms and bathrooms.

Many B&Bs have carpet throughout including in their breakfast room.  And the morning after the night before, unlike the corporate hotel, chances are your guests won’t be skipping breakfast – after all it’s the main event!

If you provide complete waitress service, you’ll know however long the walk from the kitchen, it’s precarious with a heavily laden Full English plate.  Spray extraction machines, like the Puzzi range from Kärcher work wonders here tackling egg, ketchup and all manner of greasy morning disasters as well and tea and coffee stains in the bedrooms.  Look for models with adjustable handles, easy to meter detergents and excellent water recovery so they’re easy to use and leave carpets almost dry.

Even if you’re lucky enough to have space to provide an element of self-service in your breakfasts, this in itself is the cause of countless crumbs and sticky fruit juice spills.  Consider a compact wet and dry vacuum to rapidly clear the debris after service.

Introducing efficient cleaning technology can completely overhaul your cleaning plans, reducing manual effort, freeing up time and opening up longer cleaning windows due to the machines’ quiet running, discrete appearance and rapid drying times.  While the thought of an expensive price tag on a cleaning machine can be off-putting, it’s worth bearing in mind what you value your own and your cleaning team’s time at – labour costs can represent up to 90% of total cleaning costs in manual settings, so the productivity gained by mechanisation quickly offsets the upfront investment.  It’s also a good idea to look beyond the ticket price; machines with variable settings ensure you only use the power/detergent/water you need – eco!efficiency vacuums use 40% less power and deliver whisper quiet guest-friendly operation. Meanwhile multitaskers deliver productivity savings even faster; a compact outdoor sweeper will keep your paths, drive and carpark clear of leaves (and can also be used for gritting).  For occasional deep cleaning or once-a-season tasks, it may also be possible to hire specialist cleaning equipment in.

Kärcher works with hotels, B&Bs and restaurants the world over, providing practical advice, cleaning machines and comprehensive user training to help drive up hygiene and cleanliness standards, and positively influence guests’ experience and perception of professionalism.  For a free site survey, or simply to discuss your cleaning challenges, please contact: call 01295 752142 or visit



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