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In a Boutique Hotelier article published on 5 July 2016 about a hygiene inspection at London’s Sanctum Soho Hotel, it was wrongly suggested that the hotel was temporarily shut down by a Westminster City Council Environmental Officer.

We would like to make it clear that at no stage whatsoever was the hotel required to close down.

The wording of the article might also have been interpreted as suggesting the inspection took place in May 2016. We would like to clarify that it was in fact May 2015.

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Boutique Hotelier would like to make it clear that while the kitchen was closed for six days in May 2015 to allow a deep clean to be carried out, the hotel continued to provide accommodation to guests, to serve food prepared elsewhere in the restaurant, and to provide drinks and snacks in the bar without interruption. Since completion of the work in May 2015, the kitchen reopened and has stayed open under new management.

We are happy to clarify the situation.

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