Cumbrian hotel group mascot turns his paw to rocket science

Sam the dog to try rocket science 3

The mascot of English Lakes Hotels Resorts & Venues in Cumbria is being launched into space in support of a local school’s science project this autumn.

The hotel group’s mascot, Sam the space dog, is being launched to help with primary school children with an experiement as its second scientific endeavour.

The mascot became a global internet news sensation last year when he disappeared during a balloon flight at an altitude of over 25 kilometres above the earth.

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Sam the dog is now to be launched skyward once again. This time the mascot will be strapped into the eight metre tall Skybolt 2 research rocket for its inaugural flight courtesy of Manchester based Starchaser Industries, which specialises in space related projects.

The purpose of the flight is to test onboard electronics and demonstrate a bespoke parachute recovery system to be used aboard Starchaser’s future people carrying rocket.  It also aims to encourage young people to pursue science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects in higher education.

The children of Morecambe Bay Community Primary School and the Midland Hotel were invited to get involved in the project. The flight will take place from a testing site in the North East in mid-September, weather permitting.

“We were thrilled that Starchaser Industries wanted to give the school children and Sam another taste of space science,” said Ben Berry from English Lakes Hotels Resorts & Venues.  “We are keeping our fingers crossed that Sam will be safely returned this time as he will fall to earth gently by parachute with the rocket intact.”

Steve Bennett from Starchaser Industries added:  “The duration of Sam’s flight will be just under four minutes, but our rocket motors will provide enough thrust to accelerate him to the maximum permitted altitude of 4,000 feet in less than 20 seconds.”

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