Daniel Thwaites cuts over 400,000 plastic bottles from its hotel rooms


Hospitality brand, The House of Daniel Thwaites, has announced it has cut 400,000 plastic bottles from its hotel rooms.

The collection of hotels, spas and inns in England has introduced water and fresh milk filters in each corridor as part of its commitment to reducing plastic waste across its business.

The plastic water and milk bottles that were provided for guests in their rooms, have now been replaced with reusable carafes allowing guests to use the water and milk dispensers to obtain the amount required at any point during their stay.

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All eight hotels have introduced this new scheme which has seen the 260,000 water bottles and 150,000 milk bottles eliminated. 

Chris Hill, hotels operations director at the House of Daniel Thwaites, said: “While we strive to ensure that our guests have the refreshments they require in their rooms, we are also aware of the environmental impact single use plastics has. Earlier this year we introduced the water carafes which the guests have welcomed. 

“With the tea and coffee making facilities in the rooms, we knew the importance of offering fresh rather than UHT milk to ensure quality for our guests.  We are now delighted to have found a way of being able to continue to offer fresh milk without the use of plastic bottles. The feedback we have received from our guests has been incredibly positive.”

The replacement of the single use plastics within the hotels is just one strand of the group’s environmental policy with other projects including solar panels being trialled.

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