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Village Urban Resorts has recently implemented an ‘abandoned basket’ recovery tool which has delivered 160 additional sales, just two months after its launch.

Basket abandonment is common in the leisure industry, where users are increasingly lengthening the research phase of booking a hotel room and planning a trip.

The bespoke tool was developed by digital solutions expert Equator to increase conversion by capturing potential customers who have left the booking engine, using targeted emails and incentives to re-engage people with the booking process.

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Launched in May this year, the average monthly email conversion rate is sitting at 16 per cent, providing significant additional revenue that would have been otherwise lost by the hotel operator.

The additional revenue generated has already covered the investment made by Village Urban Resorts in developing the new tool.

The digital asset works by providing a pop-up that prompts those who navigate away from the booking process to request an email reminder of their potential booking.

If the visitor has previously completed a booking or enquiry on the site, the system instead automatically sends them an email reminder, with a direct route back into the booking page.

James Jefferson, chief creative officer at Equator, has hailed the simplicity of the abandon basket saying:“This latest innovation on behalf of Village Urban Resorts demonstrates our commitment to delivering creative and practical solutions for our clients in the hospitality sector.

“The abandoned basket tool is very simple and effective in minimising the number of people leaving the booking engine.

“Directing customers back into the booking funnel in a friendly and incentivised way, it is already proving to be a key asset for Village Urban Resorts in increasing conversion rates and enhancing its direct market share.”


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