Dorset businessman revises £200m plan to save Sandbanks hotels from demise


A businessman in Dorset has submitted new plans to help revive three hotels in Sandbanks and save the properties from downgrading.

Richard Carr is hoping to redevelop the Haven Hotel, Sandbanks Hotel and Harbour Heights in the area on behalf of the owner of all three properties FJB Hotels’ John Butterworth.

Carr says that the plans are a necessity to save the businesses from becoming ‘two-star venues’.

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It’s not the first time Carr has pledged to transform the three hotels, with plans first submitted to the Borough of Poole last year.

The scheme was met with strong opposition from locals and councillors, with more than 2,300 objections to the plan.

A main concern last year was the possibility of a ten-storey building in a residential complex, of up to 260 properties, at the Haven Hotel site, at the gateway to Poole Harbour.

The revised plans now include drawings for a six-storey building on the site.

If given the green light, the Haven Hotel will become an apartment complex, the Sandbanks Hotel redeveloped as a new 185-bed hotel and Harbour Heights transformed into a 38-apartment hotel and spa.

Speaking to the Bournemouth Echo, Carr said: “It is a simple as this, to do nothing is not a choice. If the shareholders of the FJB group were to do nothing then the Harbour Heights, the Sandbanks and the Haven Hotel would end up as two star venues.

“In particular the Haven Hotel has a structural life that is coming to an end.

“I am hoping the new drawings should appease most of the objectors.”

BOP has confirmed they have officially received the revised plans.

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  1. Try the headline Multiple bankrupt developer tries yet again to get planning consent for crap scheme.

  2. Half of the new flats are empty most of the time, why build more? Just lining the pockets of developers. I went to Shell Bay today and looked across to the Haven, just beautiful as it is so please don’t change!

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