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I never had any doubt that this year’s Boutique Hotelier Personal Service Star Awards would be anything but a roaring success, and what a fabulous night it was.

The room was jam-packed with industry professionals and staff who had come together to celebrate the successes of their peers.

The buzz and excitement in the room prior to the awards announcement was electric and it was wonderful to mix with so many faces, both familiar and new, to share stories and catch up, all in the name of staff excellence.

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When we launched Boutique Hotelier in 2013, we knew we would be reporting on an industry packed with incredible talent, business skill and creativity. We believe boutique hotels represent the highest peak of the hospitality landscape. Incredible entrepreneurs, who mostly own their own businesses, choose the boutique sector because of its passion for innovation in design, technology and business practices.

We also think they remain in the boutique world because they love the feeling of working with smaller teams who share their vision for creating truly memorable hotel stays for their guests.

The Boutique Hotelier Personal Service Stars awards are unique because they recognise the incredible work of these team players.

I write about the successes of boutique hotels every day, and I never lose sight of the fact that everybody from the kitchens and laundries, through to the front desks and spas of your properties have to share a passion for delighting every guest.

The competition for this year’s awards has been intense. In total, we received over 250 nominations from almost 100 boutique hotels; more than double the number we had to judge compared to last year.

It is clear that these awards are hugely important, not only to the finalists and winners, but even more so to the hotel owners and bosses who have been so passionate in nominating their team members.

The 10 awards we presented, all went to individuals who have several qualities in common. They were all nominated by team leaders or bosses for outstanding work that, in every case, has contributed to the wider success of the hotel. The Boutique Hotelier team spent many happy hours reading through passionate descriptions about all the finalists and were struck by how often finalists seemed to understand the impact they had on everybody and everything around them.

It is almost a defining characteristic of boutique hotels that staff take a can-do attitude into everything; never limiting their contribution to just a narrowly defined job description.

We are extremely proud to host these awards and cannot wait for next year!

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