ESSENTIAL GUIDE: The tools and innovations you need to drive business in the ‘new normal’


The innovations and and solutions that supporting hotel businesses in adapting to the new way of operating and championing the safe reopening of the sector.

A ‘revolutionary’ new bedding collection to combat Covid-19

At The Fine Bedding Company, the brand recognises that the hospitality sector has been impacted more than most by the measures taken to control the COVID-19 pandemic. In response, the company has developed a revolutionary new bedding collection to provide guests and hoteliers with peace of mind as the hospitality sector begins its long awaited return to normality.

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It’s been found that coronavirus can live on textile surfaces for up to two days, and sleeping on a pillow previously occupied by an infected individual could increase the risk transmission. With the current increased need for virus defences, The Fine Bedding Company have partnered with Swiss textile innovator HeiQ. The latest collection, including pillows, pillow protectors and mattress protectors, uses their ground-breaking Viroblock technology which has been tested effective against SARS-COV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

HeiQ Viroblock uses vesicle technology to target and rapidly destruct viruses including coronavirus, with silver technology to inhibit the replication of deactivated viruses and bacteria. The anti-viral application has been tested 99.99% effective within 30 minutes of contact with the SARS-COV-2 virus, alongside other common viruses, bacteria and yeasts in as little as 5 minutes.

The entire collection has been tested to remain durable and effective for at least 15 washes at 40°C and has been certified as safe and sustainable, with all Viroblock ingredients being cosmetic grade, bio-based, OEKOTEX® certified and recycled. Contact our team to find out how our latest collection can provide you and your guests with the reassuring comfort of complete hygiene.

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Avvio boosts domestic bookings for hotels with a refocus on digital

Global tech and hospitality solutions provider Avvio has been committed to helping hoteliers throughout the pandemic, supporting businesses in recouping potential losses from booking cancellations as a direct result of the Covid-19 outbreak.

At the Cheval Collection, Avvio has refocused the group’s digital strategy, introducing PPC across search, display, video and META, helping to boost awareness and nurture intent from bookers from the domestic market. A new ‘save rate’ has also been launched with flexible booking terms and the website retailored to include strong messaging around guest safety. These are just some of the ways Avvio has helped the Cheval Collection to achieve a 46% growth in domestic bookings at its Cheval Three Quays property.

A similar approach was taken at Portmarnock Hotel & Golf Links with a renewed focus on digital and PPC also introduced, as well as a ‘length of stay’ saving. As a result, the hotel has seen an impressive 112% growth in domestic bookings.

At Dingle Benners Hotel, in 2019 54% of the hotel’s market was from the US. In May the property started a Display Campaign ‘Dingle Awaits’ and used the great outdoors as its influence whereas previously, it had been pushing its town centre location.

The campaign had two metrics 1) brand awareness and 2) conversions (achieved 39 conversions, €18.5K). The hotel is now at 76% up on May last year with MTD and domestic now 90% of overall revenue, up over 450% same period.


The next level of cleanliness and hygiene

Recent research conducted by the tourism board showed that 75% of respondents saw cleaning procedures as an essential factor when booking a hotel. So now, more than ever, providing reassurance about your commitment to cleanliness is vital.

By working with a trusted partner, who can advise and recommend the right products, you can assure your guests that booking with you is the right decision.

Being able to tell your guests that you use a sanitising system which uses ozone as a natural disinfectant to deep clean all bedrooms and communal areas, or that their towels have been washed using OTEX – which has a Department of Health RRP1 recommendation – will instantly give them greater confidence in your procedures. OTEX kills 99.999% of bacteria and viruses and gives you validation after every single wash so you can be sure that you’re giving your guests the best. 

While reassuring guests of your strengthened procedures, it’s also crucial to maintain that relaxing feel of a hotel stay. With this in mind it’s important that your hotel laundry supports hygiene without compromising on quality. OTEX ensures a high quality disinfection wash (ozone operates using a low temperature which also saves you money on utility bills) resulting in beautiful fluffy towels, skin soft bathrobes and crisp clean sheets.


Free gym guidance to reopen facilities safely and profitably

With gyms and spas reopening, GYM 121 is calling for hotel owners, general managers and operations director to lean on its free service to ensure a smooth return to business.

Whether you have a small or large fitness facility within your hotel, the company has a variety of options that can help improve your services.

GYM 121 can provide your hotel with an on-site personal trainer while covering any maintenance issues with your equipment, all at no cost to you.

Not only that, but if your hotel has the luxury of a swimming pool, the company can offer its partner company’s service, CLUB 100 health clubs, the UK’s most exclusive health club service.

GYM 121 works to bring your hotel extra revenue without effecting your guest experience, only improving it.

Here are GYM 121’s top tips to help you safely reopen your fitness facility.

1. A distance of 2m is still preferred, where possible so look at how your equipment is laid out.

2. Have a strict cleaning schedule that is clearly displayed so guests can see it and make sure it gets done.

3. The customer is your top priority, make them feel safe using your gym.

4. Government requests one person to 100sq ft. More information on this can be found at

5. Use GYM 121 fitness management as we can assist you in all these areas and more at no cost to the hotel. and

Visible sanitising stations to instil confidence in every guest

The hospitality industry is facing a massive challenge. Businesses must convince their staff and their customers that the environment in which they operate is safe. However, being spotless is not enough, there must be visible reassurances and confidence builders to reinforce to guests that your establishment is taking no shortcuts.

Professional, commercial sanitising facilities must be available to guests at every access point.

Sanitise Plus has developed and produced commercial Sanitising Stations that will meet and surpass all your business’s requirements and equally importantly, your customer’s expectations. These, cost effective, touch free units, automatically deliver a fine mist of high quality, alcohol based sanitising liquid direct to the users’ hands. The units come in wall mounted or stand-alone versions.

The sanitise stations come with a choice of backplate designs or a customised, bespoke branding option for orders of 5 units and more. Having a dispenser such as this is the new norm and the only way to meet customer expectations.

Providing a clean environment is not enough, it is essential that you provide your guests with a visible, effective, professional solution to their understandable worries. Sanitise-Plus is a company who were here before this pandemic, and will be here through this pandemic and intends to be here to serve businesses and the public long after this pandemic is gone.


‘Plug-and-play’ technology means guests can go completely touch-free

SYMBIoT is the brain at the centre of next generation, smart hotel rooms. Easy to install, inexpensive to maintain, it drives every part of guest experience and hotel management.

The plug-and-play technology gives priceless insights through user-friendly dashboard, while protecting guest data with “military-grade” security.

SYMBIoT gives guests total control direct from any mobile device, on any network. There is no need to download an app.

Now guests can check-in, operate lifts, unlock the door and control all its switches inside, without ever having to touching a thing other than their own mobile phone.

Simple API interaction mean SYMBIoT can control climate, lighting, blinds, locks, TV and audio equipment. It can be expanded to seamlessly include numerous other devices. And for guests that prefer traditional room control solutions, SYMBIoT happily works alongside them.

The installation package includes hardware and a cloud management platform that removes the need for expensive physical servers on site.

The moment a guest makes a booking, they receive a confirmation email including the room control link. With a single tap, check-in is completed and they can control the room from their phone.

When the guest checks out, an alert is sent to housekeeping via the property management system. The guest loses control of the room and it can be safely prepared for the next guest.

SYMBIoT even provides real time room diagnostics, with the power to alert maintenance staff when something needs fixing in the room, from light bulbs to leaky taps and everything in-between.


NASA technology flies in for innovative Aberdeen project

City centre-based Skene House Serviced Apartments is currently trialling the innovative Room to Breathe cleaning process from Glasgow-based Insite Group as an additional level of cleanliness to maximise guest reassurance.

The multi-step system is believed to be the only one of its kind and uses technology originally developed by NASA to purify air and apply antimicrobial coatings to surfaces. Using non-toxic and environmentally friendly processes, Room to Breathe almost completely eliminates allergens, mould, germs, influenza, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and odours. Testing and swabbing in collaboration with experts Andersen Caledonia ensure targeted application of the system, and the highest levels of confidence.

Charles Skene of Skene House Serviced Apartments said: “We are delighted that the test results evidence that we are a safe environment, the application of Biotouch prevents contact transmission via surfaces that guests come into contact with and the strategic placement of the sanifiers throughout the serviced apartments and public area delivers protection from airborne contaminants.”

Gordon Bruce Room to Breathe added: “The system initially came about to create a hypoallergenic room experience in the hospitality sector, spearheaded by the contaminants found in indoor environments. At the beginning, it was seen as an opportunity for those who suffer from allergies or have immunity issues to buy a room which would match their needs and give them peace of mind.

“However, Covid-19 increased people’s awareness of the dangers that are present and, because our products kill Coronavirus and the system can work in any indoor environment, the interest in what we do has been significantly greater.”

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