EXCLUSIVE: Corbin and King loses 15% of workforce as Brexit fallout cripples the industry


Hospitality group Corbin and King has revealed that the brand has already lost 15% of its workforce as a result of Brexit.

Speaking this morning at an event titled ‘How to use your employer brand to attract the right people’, sponsored by pensions provider DAM, Zuleika Fennell, COO at Corbin and King told the audience that across the brand’s portfolio, which includes The Beaumont boutique hotel and The Wolseley and The Delaunay restaurants, a noticeable number of its European employees had made the decision to leave their jobs and UK altogether.

Fennell, who was speaking on a panel with Steve Rockey from The Pig and Lime Wood, Sean Wheeler from Principal Hotels and Holly Glover from the Farncombe Estate, said that the morning directly after the result, the senior team had written to all its staff to reassure them that they still very much had a place to work within the business.

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Around 75-80% of the Corbin and King workforce are from other European countries.

“People feel unwanted and uncertain of what was going to happen,” she said, “We’ve already lost 15% of our workforce and it could well be double that – people aren’t always honest in exit interviews. We have to remember that many of these people are sending money home and now the value of the pound has dropped they have already relocated to other countries where they can get a better deal.”

Fennell also stressed the importance of developing ways to cope with the upcoming change in staff landscape and that home-growing employees is the way forward, despite still being in the dark about how Brexit will really impact the industry.

“How do you create a strategy when you just don’t know what the facts are,” she concluded.

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