EXCLUSIVE: Guests take sustainability seriously as top hoteliers notice shift in expectations

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Guests are becoming increasingly concerned with a hotel’s sustainability credentials, according to a number of top hoteliers.

Speaking to Boutique Hotelier, hoteliers from Cumbria to London said that they have noticed a shift in consumer expectations when it comes to a hotel’s green practices, as more guests see this as an important aspect of a property prior to booking a stay.

Richard Hincliffe from The Hyning Estate in Cumbria said that guests today are ‘far more aware’ of green issues today than they were a few years ago, with the hotel’s ‘holistic vision’ appealing to guests.

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Dan Visser from Langdale Hotel and Brimstone Hotel and Spa said that sustainability has become an important factor for many consumers when it comes to engaging with companies, but stressed that hotels ‘need to operate their whole business in a sustainable way as it will naturally resonate with guests’.

Graham Copeman from The Zetter, a hotel that has been one of the real trailblazing of sustainability in hospitality, said guests to the hotels often like to see ‘proof of a hotel’s commitment to a robust and credible sustainability policy’.

“When The Zetter opened in 2004 singing about our green credentials,” he says, “we were often questioned by press as to whether guests really cared. We never get asked that question anymore. The Zetter Group’s guests value our commitment to sustainability.

Patrick Burke, managing director, The Atlantic Jersey added: “Sustainability is becoming ever more important to our guests as is a sense of place which means that increasingly we focus on selling Jersey as much as the hotel itself which is proving to be an attractive offering in an uncertain world.”

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