Flexible menus drive European diners to eat 1 in 5 meals out of home

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A larger variety of foodservice options has driven an increase in the amount of diners in Europe eating out of home, a new report has found.

More flexible menus and an increase of meal occasions, from breakfast and all day brunch through to dinner, has led to a €4.1 billion (£3.8 billion) increase in foodservice sales in 2017 to €335.9 billion (£298 billion) according to a new report launched today by IRI GIRA Foodservice.

The study revealed that the UK foodservice market increased by 6.2% since 2015 to £58.2m of sales in 2017 and that one in five meals (18% of all meals) are consumed outside the home.

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Virginie Pernin, chief analyst at IRI GIRA Foodservice, commented: “Restaurants and other food service outlets have capitalised on these trends by providing options for more meal occasions including breakfast and brunch. It is easier to eat out rather than buy food and cook at home. Food delivery services such as

Deliveroo that provide easier ways to order, pay and deliver, are behind the boom in restaurant food at home.”

IRI GIRA Foodservice predicts the number of commercial kitchens that are dedicated to food delivery through companies like Just Eat, UberEats, Amazon Restaurants and Deliveroo, which has just launched a global advertising campaign, will increase by 2020 with a particular focus on healthier and premium options.

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