Former CEO of British Hospitality Association spearheads launch of new industry energy alliance


Ufi Ibrahim, former CEO of the British Hospitality Association, has teamed up with Peter Till, managing director of Choice Hotels, to spearhead the launch of a new energy and environment alliance in a bid to ensure the industry becomes ‘climate positive’.

Till will become the chairman of The Energy and Environment Alliance (EEA), while Ibrahim will be CEO.

The Alliance will look to capitalise on a surge in enthusiasm from government, investors and consumers to see businesses acting in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner.

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Initially the priority will be to help tackle climate change challenge by cutting consumption of fossil fuels.

In time, the EEA plans to broaden its scope to sustainable materials, operations, including water and waste management, and pioneering new environmental initiatives.

The launch coincides with the publication of a report by Ignite Economics, which reveals that the UK accommodation sector has increased its energy usage by 47% from the turn of the century to 2018 – more than any other industrial sector – while the overall economy has seen its energy usage decline by almost 20% over the same period.

As the accommodation sector has grown by around 70% during this time, increases in energy usage may not seem so bad.

However, it is still only one of three industry sectors to have seen energy intensity (the amount of energy required per unit of economic output) increase since 1990, at a time when the overall UK economy has reduced energy intensity by 53%.

Ignite Economics also estimates that the industry could save 15-20% of its energy usage, which is up to £270m/yr, or up to 660,000 tonnes/yr of CO₂.

The Alliance will assist its members in three ways, first by bringing the industry together with scientific experts, regulators and specialist services, to combine resources, share knowledge and implement new technologies; second, by enabling member companies to acquire their energy 100% sustainably; and third by helping members achieve world-class sustainable operating standards in a cost-effective manner.

For most members who own or manage hotels with more than thirty bedrooms, the cost of membership will be substantially outweighed by savings on energy bills and by an increase in property value, by achieving high sustainability standards.

From launch, the Alliance will be able to offer members a pathway to net-zero by virtue of a relationship with Businesswise Solutions, a specialist energy trader, which procures renewable energy on the wholesale markets, at a scale and on commercial terms most hotel chains could not match, and makes it available to members via its Renewable Energy Basket.

Cost-effective achievement of world-class operational standards will be delivered through an exclusive partnership with BREEAM.

Under the partnership, BREEAM and the EEA will be co-creating the first global, scientifically robust standard for sustainable building management in the hospitality industry.

Ufi Ibrahim said: “Delivering the triple bottom line of profit, people and planet is now expected and long-term environmental risk is beginning to worry investors. The trend is gathering momentum and the challenge for the hospitality sector is how to get ahead of it. The Alliance is responding by bringing the industry’s leaders together to pool brainpower and to focus on credible initiatives we can benchmark.”

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