Founder of Mr & Mrs Smith ‘would consider’ stockmarket float


Co-founder and chief creative officer of Mr & Mrs Smith, James Lohan, says the company would consider a stockmarket float in the future.

Lohan, who founded the company in 2003 with his wife Tamara Lohan, spoke to Travel.Radio on its FlightDeck programme and said pursuing a stockmarket float was ‘definitely something we’ve discussed’.

When asked if, in light of Airbnb’s Initial Public Offering (IPO) on the US stockmarket last week, Mr & Mrs Smith would follow a similar direction, Lohan said: “We would consider a stockmarket route. It’s definitely something we’ve discussed. We’re not big enough yet to do that and it comes with its own challenges and risks but IPO’ing does feel like something the business would consider. It makes a lot of sense.”

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When asked about the government handling of the coronavirus pandemic, Lohan added that they have ‘ripped out the heart and soul’ of the hospitality industry’ and should have been more ‘thoughtful’ in their decision making.

He said: “The Government doesn’t understand the sector. It hasn’t helped it. They’ve gone into some of the decision-making completely uninformed and haven’t sought the correct counsel. It was just very blunt the way they attacked things. They could have been more thoughtful.

“They were ripping the heart and soul out of the industry. It wasn’t their finest moment.”

In the interview, Lohan also predicted a stronger 2021 in the sector: “The pent-up demand is extraordinary. We will be promoting the fact that people will be staying longer but taking fewer trips; and shining a light on sustainability as an issue going forward.”

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