Free web messaging and ‘unified’ inbox for hotels to keep in touch with guests

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Bookboost has made its Web Messenger and Unified Inbox available for free to help ease the load on staff communications with guests.

For three months hotels can benefit from the free service, which stays connected with guests through one central system, ensuring your employees don’t become overwhelmed with the high level of customer queries regarding reservations and cancellations.

Hotels can use Bookboost to provide relevant up-to-date information on their website to answer frequently asked questions automatically and through Facebook and email using automated responses and preset answers.

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As well as have use of the single inbox to ensure ongoing customer service at this difficult time – it includes an automated website chatbot and dashboard to access and respond to all messages.

With Bookboost hotels can:

  • Manage all enquiries and be service-ready 24/7
  • Assign tasks to the most relevant available person or hotel department
  • Personalise messages to each guest 
  • Set up automated responses to FAQs with preset answers

In addition, Bookboost will be running a free training course on guest communications and digital guest services to prepare hotels for the return of demand and deliver an enhanced guest experience. 

Bookboost’s guest messaging platform integrates messages from various communication channels (website, email, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram etc) into a unified inbox for one or multiple properties. 

“We are a company specialising in digital guest communication and we’d like to offer what we have to help hoteliers better communicate with guests. We will be working with the hotel industry to get through this difficult period of time,” said Daan de Bruijn, CEO of Bookboost. “I am confident that by sticking together, we will win this battle against the coronavirus and the travel industry will be able recover quicker to bring back demand.”

Hotels can sign up to Bookboost Unified Inbox for free for three months until 30th June 2020 using the promo code: WeWinThisBattleTogether

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  1. I think live streaming (e.g. Facebook Live, Twitter’s Periscope, YouTube Live, etc. ) could be even better to engage hotel guests and members.

    Live communities are bringing people together for the best reasons, to share, live, learn, and cope. This reminds us that we are not alone. It will give you a huge opportunity to engage and retain your existing clients (despite the COVID-19) and hopefully to acquire new ones.

    Here I detailed my idea:

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